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We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team of Dj’s, lighting and rigging specialists. We believe in providing the opportunity and atmosphere to achieve success, and place as much value on a candidate’s potential as on their experience. Take a look at our current job openings below and get in touch with us to submit your application.

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On Call Disc Jockey

On call Dj

We are recruiting for a Disc Jockey to work on our company and engage with our customers. 
As a DJ, you will be responsible for connecting with customers, arranging playlists, presenting commercials, taking music requests, and generating interest in the activity.
You will also be required to MC public events, do promotions, perform, and do meet and greets when necessary.
To succeed as a Disc Jockey, you should have a charisma, a passion for music and the ability to connect with people all types of people.

Disc Jockey Responsibilities
Previous experience as a DJ. Excellent verbal communication skills. Knowledge of modern music trends. Good presenting skills. Good interpersonal skills. Knowledge of current affairs and world news. Ability to empathise with listeners. Bachelor’s degree in Radio Journalism or similar field preferred, but not necessary.
Good standing criminal record and drivers license are required.
Good compensation.

On Call Stage Lighting Technician

Now Hiring!

We at Sónico Sónico LLC are looking for a honed and knowledgeable lighting technician with experience in programming DMX consoles, create shows and understanding of how colors interact in a stage. Good pay.

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