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Live Concert


Lighting, Sound and Video

Spotlight Set:

DJ Booth


Mini Spot LED White 8000K Avail. 26

Par 36 Pin Spot 30W Halogen Avail. 19

Mini Par RGBW (DMX) Avail. 18

Mini Par UV Black Light (DMX) 14

ZYP Par 118 LED 6 (DMX)

Mega Bar RGBA 42" Ea. Avail. 2

360 Video/Photo Booths 31 & 39 inches

Special Effects:

LED Mushroom Avail. 2 (DMX)

LED Moon Beam Avail. 2 (DMX)

Derby X LED Avail. 2 (DMX)

Duo Moon Avail. 2

DJ Bank RGBA Avail. 2

Spider LM30 Moving Head Lights LED Avail. 4 (DMX)

Mini LED Beam RGBW LED Avail. 8 (DMX)

Mini LED Spot 60W Moving Head Avail. 10 (DMX)

LED Flashing Effect Lights RGBW 3 (DMX)

Dual RGB Fat Beam Laser RGB Avail. 1 (DMX)

Party Laser Avail. 3 (DMX)

Flame machine / 10’ High Flame

Confetti Cannon 

CO2 Cannons

Cold Sparks

Blinders & Strobes

Blizzard Snow Blind Avail. (DMX)

Blizzard MAXL RGBW LED Strobe or Continuous Avail. 4 (DMX)

100W LED Strobe Avail. 2 (DMX)

Mini Strobes 9

Fog & Haze Machines

ADJ VF-1300W 12000 Cu. Ft. Per Minute Fog/Haze Avail. 1

Amber LED lights Fog Machine 400W Avail. 2

Hurricane 700W Fog Machine Avail. 2

Geyser T6 Fog/Haze Upright Fog with RGB Lights Avail. 4

Mister Kool II Low Lying Fog (Dance in the Clouds) Avail. 1


10, 15 or 20 ft. width Truss with Stands  and up to 13ft. high Avail. 1

XLR & DMX Cables Used




Hosa Little Bro 8x0 Sub Snake 50ft. Avail. 2

Gel Filters:





Dynamic Microphones

Sennheiser XS-1 Avail. 3

Shure PGA58 Avail. 2

Shure PGA48 Avail. 1

Peavey PVi100 Avail. 1

Shure PGA Drum Kit5 Avail. 1

Sound Systems


Turbosound Sub Woofers 18" Avail. 2

Alto Professional TS315S 15" Avail. 2


Mackie Thump 15A (1300W) Avail. 2

Mackie Thump 12A (1300W) Avail. 2

Alto Professional TS315 (2000W) Avail. 2

Alto Professional TS312 (2000W) Avail. 2

Alto Professional TS310 (2000W) Avail. 2

Live Streaming

Blackmagic ATEM Mini switcher Avail. 1

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro  switcher Avail. 1

Camera & Recording Equiment

Canon 6D Mark II DSLR HD full frame camera Avail. 1

Canon M50 Mark II HD/4K mirrorless camera Avail. 1

HD Panasonic camcorder Clean HDMI Avail. 1

Canon camcorder Clean HDMI Avail. 1

12 ft. long Camera Jib

Mobile pan & tilt gimbal for DSLR's up to 12lb

Llilliput 4K 7 inch field monitor

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